Release Notes

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Release Notes

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Build 3.0.2 released 10/8/2019


This is a minor maintenance release.


String functions for attribute initialization.

Fixes license grace period.

Improves consistency of computation when actions are triggered by random events at start of period.

Reduces flicker in GIS visualization rendering.

Provides control-drag for drawing initial arrows between stocks.

Improves lat-lon defaults for GIS visualization with fixed coordinates.

Improves some error messages.


Build 3.0.1 released 8/27/2019

This is a minor maintenance release, primarily addressing issues with the beta GIS visualization feature, and missing images in this documentation.


Build 3.0 released 7/20/2019

Defining Entity Types

The ability to create and use Custom Macros has been added to Ventity! These macros can be useful for structures that commonly repeat within your model, and can be transferred between models.


Examining Results

Added all-new GIS compatibility through completely redesigned Visualization. This new visualizer allows for the importing of shape and database files to creating dynamically updating and visual stimulating model runs. The new visualizer already has substantial capabilities, but we consider this a Beta feature, with more upgrades to come.


In addition, there are many small improvements and bug fixes to Autocomplete, Units Checking, Actions, and other core features.


Build 2.1 released 5/19/2019

Defining Entity Types

Many improvements and bug fixes have been applied to Macros, specifically with interactions between them and Actions.

Error tracking for Actions has been vastly improved.



Model Encryption, which allows for obfuscating entity information and making encrypted models useable only with a valid license tied to, and visible to, the user alone has been added.

Visualization is still deactivated in this release, however an early, functional version can be accessed which includes some of the entirely remade functionality. Contact us at to find out how to activate this mode if interested.

Build 2.0.2 released 3/21/2019

Defining Entity Types

Adjusted formulas for built-in Macros, improved calculations, removed bugs, and clarified documentation.

Vensim Model Import can better load and edit pre-defined macro definitions.



Improvements to data loading should make consecutive model runs with internal and/or external data sources, much faster.


Examining Results

Visualization (the spatial and X Y visualizers) have been deactivated in this release while we work on some big updates to them.

Feel free to reach out to us at if you're interested in this functionality.


Bug Fixes

Clarified cause of errors recorded in log to aid in their identification and resolution.

Fixes for data grid references.

Build 2.0.1 released 12/19/2018


For an overview of the recently added features, check out our post online by clicking here!


Defining Entity Types

Improved text autocomplete in equation dialog box. Now lists most relevant suggestions first.

Fixes and improvements to Lookup Table Functions.


Bug Fixes

Various fixes to resolve issues with copy-paste, and crashes on collections diagrams.


Build 2.0 released 12/19/2018


Defining Entity Types

Additional Lookup Table Functions added.

Built-in macros Smooth, Delay added.

Active Initialization, allowing for selecting order of initialization for specific variables, has been added.

Vensim Model Import, enabling the integrating of Vensim models into Ventity automatically, has been added.



Sensitivity runs have had their user interface improved and Save Period, a new feature of the Run Control, has been added.


Bug Fixes

Improved units checking functionality for more complex equations.

Improved diagram checking for causal link mismatch.


Build 1.3 released 05/27/2018


Defining Entity Types

Many new Lookup Table Functions have been added to Ventity with automated error checking on model run.

Improvements to optimization performance and resolved issues with multi-slider and optimization runs.

Lookup Tables can now be edited within the built-in data.


Initializing Entities

Built-in data interface behaves correctly with copying, pasting, and cutting data from internal or external sources into all of the various types of fields.


Bug Fixes

Resolved numerous issues with optimization and sensitivity runs interacting with lookup tables and multi-chart, as well as various rare crashes.



Build 1.2 released 12/08/2017



Improvements to the selection/deselection and tracking of the Entity Picker.


Examining Results

Chart Manager has added features that allow for global settings to apply to all charts in addition to previous options to edit charts on an individual basis.

Improvements to load speed for charts, especially for larger models.


Build 1.1 released 8/15/2017


Examining Results

Chart Manager added to Ventity, allowing for easier tracking, saving and use of charts.

Improvements to Causes and Uses Trees filtering functionality.

Casual Tracing added to Ventity, useful for reviewing and making changes to improve your model.

Improvements to Error List tracking for issues previously only displayed on console, including for missing attribute/reference combinations.

New Run Roster added to Ventity to replace functionality of "Run Results". Allows for greater flexibility in saving and loading previously created runs.


Defining Entity Types

New Functions, GetCategory and DelayInformation, added to Ventity!



Sensitivity run processing vastly improved. Note: very large sets will still take some time to compute.

Save List configuration and selection improved.


Build 1.0.3 released 5/10/2017


Bug Fixes

Resolved several issues with renaming causing a crash.


Build 1.0.2 released 3/27/2017


Examining Results

Several additional run types added to "Settings" of Sensitivity runs.


Examples and Help

Adjusted Rabbits Viewer example model to be easier to use.

Improved documentation of time series data


Bug Fixes

Resolved several issues with renaming causing a crash.


Build 1.0 released 1/25/2017


Defining Entity Types

Information on documenting entites to track authorship and legal data easily.


Examining Results

Causes and Uses Tree tools added.

Sensitivity runs added. (in development).