Ventity 4.9 Release

Ventity 4.9.1 is now available from the download page (if you need a trial license) or the update page (if you don’t).

4.9.1 is a minor maintenance release that improves trapping and messages for generated code errors, fixes a file format issue with the 3D visualizer, and corrects a rare action issue.

4.9 is a major release, with many improvements. Per the release notes,


Feature Enhancements

Causal Tracing Diagrams have been expanded to include triggers, actions, entities, and collections

New facility for modification of Sub-Collection Key Attributes

3D visualizer

Performance and Usability

Improved error checking for conditional expressions

Trigger conditions and process list conditions are checked to make sure that they are Boolean expressions.  

Processed List Collection references are checked to make sure that a valid collection or sub-collection is referenced.

Context messages for generated code have been improved for some items in order to help the user identify the model error.

Update generated code version to utilize null propagation, using a more efficient method for dealing with null references values resulting from model data or logic.  When such an error is encountered, the equation returns a value of Double.NaN (not a number).

Updated our software technology from several vendors.


Bug Fixes

Optimization, Sensitivity and GIS setup controls

Other minor issues



Documentation of action components, including surrogates and references

Improved explanation of the GetCategory function

New section on units

New section on Excel initialization data

Improved GIS visualizer documentation

New section on the 3D visualizer

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