Ventity Release 1.1

Ventity version 1.1 has launched!

We’ve got several new features in addition to those highlighted in the pre-release news post. In addition to the Chart Manager, which helps with storing, sorting and customizing your charts, Causal Tracing, useful for fast and effective analysis of model dynamics, and the GetCategory and DelayInformation functions, we’ve also redone the Save List which allows you to sort and pick what information you want saved in customizable runs, empowering you to vastly cut down on run times on larger models. Finally, the Run Roster replaces the “Run Results” options, which allows you to more easily save, load, manage and locate previous runs.

We’re very happy with the new additions to Ventity and hope you are, too! Please let us know if you run into any issues or have any suggestions for improvements at or join us in the support forum.

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