Ventity Pre-Release 1.1

The Ventity pre-release for version 1.1 is here! We’ve added several new features that we’d like to highlight along with a host of other improvements.

First up, the Chart Manager is a new tool which will be automatically opened whenever you plot a variable in Ventity. Each Chart can be saved or altered individually, with options to edit the properties of all charts coming shortly, and all of our other tools for charting have been preserved.

To supplement this, we’ve added Causal Tracing and improved the processing and sorting of our existing Causes and Uses tool.

Sensitivity runs have undergone massive improvements to their processing speed and sequencing, all of which means a better, faster tool!

Many issues previously only displayed to the Console will now be displayed on the Error List with information on how to resolve the issue. These improvements are ongoing, so expect even better tracking for the 1.1 release!

Finally, two new functions have been added to Ventity — GetCategory and DelayInformation, which provide access to easier ways to do what were cumbersome tasks in Ventity. For more information, check the documentation included with your updated Ventity under the “Help” tab!

We hope you enjoy this pre-release version and please don’t hesitate to let us know if you run into any issues at or join us in the support forum.

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