Ventity Beta update E30, September 27, 2016

The latest beta is #E30, September 27th. Get it here.

There are many refinements in this version, and stability is very good. There are too many items to list, but here are a few representative improvements:

  • Causal tracing tables simplify debugging
  • Copy-paste stability much improved
  • Multi-sliders for Synthesim-like control
  • Optimization with vector inputs and outputs
  • Time series data works, and you can do a round trip from simulation output to input data, for synthetic data experiments
  • Units checking is fully functional, including equivalents and compound units (Newton = kg*m/s/s)

We’re preparing for commercial release, so this version is testing licensing infrastructure. For the moment, this could hardly be easier – just click the “Continue Evaluation” button when you start up the program.


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