Ronald L. Suiter

Ron Suiter is responsible for program development and project management in Ventana, primarily in transportation, energy, and complex system management. His many years applying Ventana technology to business strategy problems, first as a customer and for the past six years as an independent consultant, gives him a unique perspective on how and where these tools can be applied for greatest impact. His depth and breadth of project leadership experience is very effective in guiding implementation success. Ron has led the development of Ventana Public Sector projects including for the Federal Aviation Administration and multi-agency Joint Program Development Office, the Department of Energy and National Energy Technology Lab, and NASA Headquarters and Langley Research Center. He has assisted Ventana with projects for major international energy companies. Prior to this Ron was General Manager Product Definition for one of Boeing’s major airplane programs in Southern California capping this phase of his career as an engineering manager and systems designer. At Boeing he led projects using Ventana technology to solve complex system management problems involving airplane design, manufacturing, and logistics. For the past three years he has been invited to be a guest lecturer in system design for the MIT School of Aerospace Engineering.

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