Laura D. Peterson

Laura Peterson is a founder and the President of Ventana. Ventana integrates, invents and tests advanced technology to produce high quality models, and embeds models in useful tools. These tools provide organizations with a better ability to achieve their objectives by providing strategic visibility, foresight, and options. Laura has worked closely with clients from a

Benjamin B. Arthur

Ben Arthur performs statistical modeling, data analysis, and information management to support modeling engagements. His work focuses on time series, longitudinal, and single agent data. Prior to joining Ventana, Ben worked in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. His projects at Ventana have included work in finance, pharmaceuticals, energy, technology, and aerospace.

William B. Arthur

Bill Arthur has been a senior consultant/modeler in Ventana since 1987. Prior to joining Ventana, Bill served in the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Program, and then spent eleven years as a manager/researcher at the national research facilities in Oak Ridge, TN. His nuclear engineering training supports a specialization in the understanding of corporate data to

Thomas S. Fiddaman

Tom Fiddaman joined Ventana in 1997 and has twenty years of experience in dynamic modeling. He has applied models to management and public policy issues, including the economic implications of global climate change, strategic electricity sector models for testing pollution reduction strategies, and natural gas supply and demand. Tom’s business consulting includes models of next-generation

Andrew P. Hill

Andy Hill is a Director and founding member of Ventana Systems UK. He has been a practitioner of system dynamics since 1992, originally focusing on military and defense engagements. Over the last decade he has applied his expertise to pharmaceuticals, aviation, manpower planning and the economic impact of changes to marine populations. Andrew teaches several

Lee C. Jones

Lee Jones is a founder and the Director of Ventana Systems UK, Ltd. With 18 years experience in modeling, Lee is responsible for medium to long term planning within Ventana Systems UK. His main expertise is the application of system dynamics to the analysis of operational and strategic problems. He undertakes modeling assignments in the

Marios A. Kagarlis

Marios Kagarlis joined Ventana as Chief Scientist in 2005. A nuclear physicist by training, he is a specialist in simulation systems at the interface between data analysis, mathematical modeling, and software development. For over ten years, he contributed to fundamental research pioneering experiments, successful theories, and software tools as a scientist at international laboratories including

Tony Kennedy

Tony Kennedy is a co-founder of Ventana Systems UK and is the Technical Director, responsible for UK software development and technical support to projects. His background includes computer-based simulations using both system dynamics and discrete event simulation techniques. He has extensive experience in computer simulation, mathematical modeling, software development, client/server database design and analysis, GUI

Vasilis Kioustelidis

Vasilis joined Ventana in June 2012. Prior to joining Ventana, Vasilis worked in building software for the shipping and banking sectors. He has experience in designing and implementing embedded software applications, communication solutions, as well as enterprise software. His specialties include cross platform development as well as multi-paradigm programming.

Martha G. Miller

Martha Miller heads Organizational Development for Ventana, specializing in the successful deployment and implementation of predictive technology for organizations. She is also expert in cross-cultural and non-verbal communication, in which she has been consulted by a number of leading corporations as well as NASA, the U.S. Foreign Service, and the U.S. Court of Appeals. Prior