Marios A. Kagarlis

Marios Kagarlis joined Ventana as Chief Scientist in 2005. A nuclear physicist by training, he is a specialist in simulation systems at the interface between data analysis, mathematical modeling, and software development. For over ten years, he contributed to fundamental research pioneering experiments, successful theories, and software tools as a scientist at international laboratories including Los Alamos and Saclay, an Associate Research Professor at Niels Bohr Institute, and the Simulations Coordinator at Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung. Before joining Ventana he developed a model of pedestrian behavior and led its implementation into a multi-agent system, the standard for large-scale crowd simulations informing the design, operation, and safety of public venues worldwide. Marios is the author of over thirty refereed publications and several patents, as well as the recipient of a Marie Curie Fellowship (EU) and grants by the Danish Research Council and French IN2P3. He is the lead inventor of RPX(TM), the foremost residential real-estate Index owned by Radar Logic(TM) and used as the basis of products offered by major financial institutions, and has developed a model for the U.S. DOE, probing interactions between the economy, the use of energy, and the environment.

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