Ventity 4.7 Release

This build contains a variety of improvements to interface and simulation engine components. New features include:

· Circularity checking is now lest strict, to permit entitytypes to self-reference where hierarchies are useful, as in project or supply chain models. Potential circularities cause a user-controlled warning at compile time, and actual circularities cause a run-time error.
· New distribution functions.

One major feature, not visible to most users, is enhanced support for the Windows Service and embedded uses of Ventity. Contact Ventana for details.

There are many minor improvements and bug fixes.

· Better display of iterations in sensitivity runs.
· Consistent sizing of pinned charts and sliders.
· GIS visualizer provides for tooltips with embedded variable and attribute values.
· Optimizer resists stalling on NaN payoff values.
· Improved random seed control and display in sensitivity runs.
· “Save As” fully copies the model’s Data directory.
· Lookups show (0,0) crossings.
· Function documentation improved.
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