Ventity 2.1 Release

We’re excited to announce the newest Ventity release: version 2.1 This update comes along with a new option for Encrypting your Ventity models, ensuring only verified users can access your model. Encryption is only available for use in non-evaluation versions of Ventity for security reasons.

Along with Encryption, we’ve been working on streamlining the Error Reporting and usage of Macros within Actions. This should make it much easier to diagnose any issues that come up with some of the more complex operations possible with Ventity.

We’ve also addressed several issues with calculation sequencing, which should resolve issues with some models where entity initialization at times prior to model run beginning or where Action-generated entities would not initialize correctly.

We’ve got a lot more in the works that isn’t quite ready for release — in particular, GIS applications. The geospatial visualizer isn’t enabled by default, but if you’re eager to try it, email us and we’ll let you know how to turn it on.

Check the built-in release notes (or the online documentation) and feel free to reach out to us at or in the forum at if you have questions.

Get a new license here, or download an update for your current copy.

Questions? Visit us in the forum or email us. Want to take a fresh look? Email us and we can extend your expired trial license.

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