We want Ventity to be within reach for a wide variety of users, whether you’re doing sophisticated dynamic modeling or replacing spreadsheets.

For a limited time, while we’re getting started, we’re offering especially aggressive pricing!


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Introductory Pricing


You can test drive Ventity for 60 days with a free Evaluation License (just choose “Evaluate” when you install the software).

Commercial Licenses

We are currently offering Ventity on an inexpensive subscription basis. A subscription license entitles you to use and updates of the software during the subscription term, after which you must renew your subscription to continue using the application. Ventity licenses may be used by one user on up to two machines, or on one machine by multiple users one at a time. Network or server access by multiple or simultaneous users is currently not supported.

See the license terms for details.

Standard User $99/year
With current Vensim Pro or DSS* Free!

*Requires a Commercial license with current maintenance.

Perpetual license purchases are not currently available, but planned for the future.

Academic Licenses

Licenses for educational and personal learning use are currently free. Commercial or proprietary use, even in academic settings, requires a commercial license. See the license terms.

Get it!

You can:

Download an evaluation copy, and later purchase a subscription by following the application’s Help menu, or

Claim your license using your current Vensim Pro or DSS key or with a new Vensim Pro or DSS license.

Buy a commercial Ventity license in the Vensim store

Apply for an Academic license from your evaluation copy, using the link provided in the application

Need help managing your license? Check these instructions.


Modeling software is somewhat unusual, in that some support questions are simple how-tos, while others are thorny model formulation questions requiring input from an advanced modeler. In order to keep software costs low, we will eventually be offering advanced support via a separate contract. For the present, we will attempt to support all inquiries – we want your hardest problems!


Contact us for help and volume purchasing.