Production Models

Ventana® Production models focus on the technical and human factors affecting a manufacturing or service delivery process. They are used by managers to find the root cause of throughput and productivity limits, understand and accelerate production learning curves, and determine in advance the likely payoff of process improvement initiatives.

Predicting Assembly Learning Rates

After years of difficulty developing its product, a defense contractor finally had the high quality product it had promised the U.S. Government years earlier. Unfortunately, even after the production of several units, its manufacturing cost was far too high. The unit cost was finally starting to come down smartly, but the contractor didn’t know for

Chemical Testing

For a business unit of a large chemical company, Ventana built a model-based decision support system to help managers and scientists decide what integrated testing to perform. Testing issues were particularly important because testing represented over half of the business unit’s controllable costs. The initial Ventana decision-support system coupled business and scientific issues, and it


Reducing Aircraft Manufacturing Cost

An aircraft manufacturer hired Ventana to discover why the firm appeared to lose production control whenever it had its greatest marketing successes. Ventana approached the problem by constructing a simulation model of the company based on discussions with managers and engineers as well as company operating plans and reports. When Ventana tested the model against