Policy Models

Ventana® Policy Models combine elements of all other model types to test likely outcomes of state, regional, national or international policy, considering relevant macroeconomic feedback, industry dynamics, environmental response, and consumer behavior.

California GHG Reduction Policy Collaboratives

Ventana facilitates the California GHG reduction (AB32) Policy Collaboratives, sponsored by industry and supported by the Air Resources Board, the California Energy Commission, and otheragencies, with active environmental NGO participation. These analytically-driven workshops have to date produced key policy insights on AB32 policy, Crude Flows under the Low Carbon Fuels Standard, Combined Heat and Power,


C-ROADS – Climate Simulation for Decision Makers

In partnership with the Sustainability Institute and MIT, Ventana Systems has developed “C-ROADS” (formerly called “Pangaea”), a decision-maker-oriented international climate simulator. C-ROADS helps users understand the long term climate impacts of various futures for fossil fuel emissions, other emissions, sequestration, and various uncertainties.C-ROADS stands for “Climate Rapid Overview and Decision-support Simulator.” As opposed to most