Macroeconomy Models

Ventana® Macroeconomic Models typically use agent-based techniques coupled with aggregate constraints to understand the fundamental drivers of economic activity, such as basic science research, and outputs of interest, such as climate impact.

Quantifying the Impact of Science on the Economy and Environment

Ventana is applying its models to help the US Department of Energy understand and increase the impact of its investments in basic science and science infrastructure. Both the outcome of scientific research and its future value are highly uncertain. On the one hand, the discovery process and the context that lends value to its outputs

Economic Analysis Collaborative

Ventana Systems proposes to form a collaborative among leading Fortune 50 corporations, US financial institutions, and federal agencies to work with Ventana to develop advanced models of the economic system. The project aims to create a better understanding and deeper insight into the drivers of economic crises and the sources for improved economic stability. The

E3 – Ventana’s Energy, Environment, Economy Model

The Energy-Environment -Economy (E3) System In our energy-environment-economy (E3) work, the economy is a novel multi-agent model made-up of interacting firms. This model is the centerpiece of Ventana’s research agenda and in its present form well explains several hallmark features of the behavior of the US economy over the last 200 years, as well as