Logistics Models

Ventana® logistics and supply chain models focus on distribution network service and costs, including the near- and long-term effects of shortages and overstock. They are used to determine optimal ordering and replenishment policy at each level, evaluate options in logistics discipline and branch procedures, and test system changes from order rules to entire network re-designs before implementation.


Stocking Algorithms

For a large and very successful retailer, Ventana evaluated the company’s sales forecasting system, which the retailer believed to be state-of-the-art. By studying the company’s historical sales data and working with the client to understand the data better, we were able to show that assumptions built into the forecasting algorithms were inappropriate. We then showed


Making the Case for Privatizing a Government Function

In the late 1990’s the US Air Force had a strategic initiative called “Flexible Sustainment,” and the pilot aircraft program for introducing this initiative was its C-17 airlifter program. The central idea behind the initiative was that a better partnership between the Air Force and private industry (especially the suppliers of the major airframes) to

Aircraft Fleet Sparing

Because of the importance to spares management to the Flexible Sustainment program being proposed by Boeing to the US Air Force for the C-17 program (see Making the Case for Privatizing a Government Function), the task of creating an information and analysis system was put out for competitive procurement and the industry leader in logistics