Technology Examples

Software Licensing Policy

For a major computer company, Ventana developed a model to evaluate software licensing policies. The specific project objectives were to predict the financial results and side effects of alternative licensing policies, provide policy insights, optimize strategies, quantify risk and identify the best ways to reduce it. Through the use of policy simulation, Ventana discovered a

Debunking Misleading Cost Data

A leading electronics company hired Ventana to examine in-house business modeling activities and the company’s data for supporting them. The purpose of the Ventana work was to recommend ways to strengthen in-house analytical efforts and to help improve the performance of a failing sector in the company’s corporate portfolio. Within days of starting work, Ventana

Computer Peripherals

For a worldwide supplier of computer peripherals, Ventana predicted the effects of alternative price-package options on costs and sales. Starting with a detailed understanding of dozens of ways consumers use the products, the model was used to find the optimal product design and pricing, to meet market share and profitability targets.

Chemical Testing

For a business unit of a large chemical company, Ventana built a model-based decision support system to help managers and scientists decide what integrated testing to perform. Testing issues were particularly important because testing represented over half of the business unit’s controllable costs. The initial Ventana decision-support system coupled business and scientific issues, and it

B2B Economy

For a leading information technology provider, Ventana modeled the potential behaviors of B2B e-markets. Crucial model aspects included the effects of market uncertainty, and the effects of choices made by individual businesses on the general economy. By examining the bottom-line effects for all participants in different B2B market models, Ventana determined which designs and price