Strategy and Policy Examples

Strategic Direction for a Building Industry Consortium

A consortium of building industry professionals formed a corporation to develop innovative housing using seed money from the U.S. Department of Energy, and included Ventana in their strategic planning. At the group’s early strategic planning sessions, consortium members expressed strong convictions about the attributes they wanted their products to have. Their values included a strong sense

Next Generation Air Transportation System

The Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO) provides annual air transportation research and development funding guidance to its participating federal agencies, to help coordinate their investments and activities toward the development of NextGen, the Next Generation Air Transport System. Ventana developed a quantitative framework, described in the paper available below for download, to help JPDO

CEO Strategy Flightdeck for Financial Institutions

Ventana’s CEO Strategy Flightdeck for financial institutions is a user-friendly simulation model that allows retail banking executives to experiment with decisions across all major business functions: pricing, deposit rates, loan risk management, marketing, IT and branch investment, staffing levels, and compensation. The Flightdeck calculates the effects of these choices over a five-year horizon on customer

National Airspace System

For the US Federal Avaiation Administration, Ventana developed a comprehensive National Airspace System (NAS) Strategy Simulator. The simulator provides a framework to evaluate infrastructure and regulatory strategy. To achieve realism without getting bogged down in massive detail, the model aggregates participants into communities, each acting in its own interests. The model takes a high-level approach

B2B Economy

For a leading information technology provider, Ventana modeled the potential behaviors of B2B e-markets. Crucial model aspects included the effects of market uncertainty, and the effects of choices made by individual businesses on the general economy. By examining the bottom-line effects for all participants in different B2B market models, Ventana determined which designs and price