Financial Services Examples

Competitive Insurance Pricing

A nonprofit insurer of municipalities and townships was under heavy attack by a commercial insurer offering very low prices for insurance. In five years the competitor had gone from about 10% market share in property & casualty insurance to almost 70% in the nonprofit insurer’s region. Over this period, all other competitors in the region

Enabling the Residential Property Index

Ventana and Radar Logic have developed a methodology for examining the vast amount of data that exists in the real estate market. Our patent-pending1,2 technology harnesses powerful methods of analysis from fundamental nuclear physics and innovations in statistical analysis in order to translate this data into the Radar Logic Daily™Prices, an accurate reflection of the values

CEO Strategy Flightdeck for Financial Institutions

Ventana’s CEO Strategy Flightdeck for financial institutions is a user-friendly simulation model that allows retail banking executives to experiment with decisions across all major business functions: pricing, deposit rates, loan risk management, marketing, IT and branch investment, staffing levels, and compensation. The Flightdeck calculates the effects of these choices over a five-year horizon on customer