Electricity Production in Rapidly Growing Economies

For the US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Ventana created a National Strategic Electric Power Sector model. This model enables the evaluation of economic policies and portfolios of energy source technologies to evaluate pollution output, production cost, and electrical availability of electric power on a national scale.The model includes not only an extensive vector of electric power and pollution mitigation technology outcomes in differing regulatory scenarios, but it also closes price feedback loops involving supply and demand of power and feed-stocks.NETL will use this model with Ventana to assist policy development and technology selection strategies for countries such as India and China. The Electric Power Sector model is one part of Ventana’s broader efforts on energy, economy and climate policy interactions. For more information please see our paper on climate and energy policy, available for download below.

For its electric power sector model,Ventana earned the highest Five Star supplier rating from the US National Energy Technology Laboratory in all evaluation categories.